Our Story

We came a long way and we have a story to tell. Read on to learn more about us.


How can we solve the World’s most pressing problems?

How can companies innovate and better reach out to their target users? How can university students or researchers get the best data for their research?

Data holds the key to these questions, but collecting quality research data is difficult - we know, we’ve been there. ReSieve solves this by seamlessly connecting researchers with participants. We enable and drive large-scale research data collection quickly and reliably.


Your opinion can change the World, never give it for free.

Participating in research projects is a great way to earn flexi-income! But finding projects suited to you is challenging and tedious. ReSieve solves this by seamlessly connecting participants with researchers. We empower everyday individuals to make the World a better place, and get paid for it!

Our Core Values

Innovation Empowerment

Our primary objective is to facilitate innovation, to make the World a better place. Resieve is governed by this principle, we will be there every step of the way to empower you to achieve your goals.


Because of our innovative approach, our partners, researchers and participants can trust the quality of our results and the data security on our platform.


Whether it’s validating your hypothesis or testing your product, data is integral. As we help our partners access and manage large volumes of data, we also adopt a data-driven approach to improve the value we can provide to you.


The Team

Dalson Tan
Software Engineer
Pereira Yip
Technical Lead
Neo Kang Wei
Business Development
Ng Hao Yuan
Marketing Operations
Jocelyn Tan
UI/UX Digital Designer
Bryan Koh
Software Engineer
Matthea Loo
Software Engineer
Ashley How
Software Engineer